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Our services

ai portici apartment
Free Wi-Fi!

The apartment has free Wi-Fi and an internet station available for our guests.


Kitchenette supplied with microwave, espresso machine, refrigerator and dishwasher.

Air Conditioner

The apartment is air conditioned.

Washing Machine

In the bathroom there is a washing machine available.


For breakfast you will find coffee, cookies, tea and snacks.


Living room with a double sofa bed, TV and internet station.

Central Heating

The appartment is equiped with central heating.

Cleaning & Hygiene

The are cleaning and personal hygiene products available.

For Families

Ai Portici Apartment is an ideal structure for families to enjoy!

Services Upon Request

ai portici apartment

Wellness Treatments

The holiday home has an agreement with the Research centre “Erba Sacra”, one of the most well-known organisation, operating in the field of psychophysical wellness. Its central headquarters is in the same building as our apartment. Thanks to this agreement, you can enjoy energetic treatments (like holistic massages, reflexology, craniosacral therapy, Reiki treatments) and individual or collective yoga session.

The costs listed here refer to a single session, but you can take advantage of discounted packages.


The holistic massage includes a series of techniques which date back to ancient times. It is intended to mitigate joint and muscular pain and to bring relief and pleasure to those who receive as well as to those who perform it. These treatments are performed by professionals and they help letting go tensions and physical, mental and emotional blocks in order to reach the deep state of relax, which stands at the base of self-healing and health. This massage effect on circulation, muscles, articulations and posture.

Professional: Floriana D’Intino
Session: 90 minutes
Price: 60 euros


The foot is formed by 26 bones and related articulations upon which lays the nervous system, with 7200 nerve endings. It is a fundamental site of blood circulation and it works like a “control unit” which, thanks to reflexology, can reach one’s psychophysical imbalances and help him/her toward balance.

The plantar zone reflects the inner organs: the dorsal zone reflects muscles and skin; the external lateral zone reflects bones, articulations and limbs; the internal medial zone reflects the spine, the central and peripheral nervous system.

The treatment takes place on a table or a comfortable armchair. First of all there is a contact with the patient, whose scope is to build a complete syntony with him/her. It is followed by a first phase of “approach and disbandment” and a second one of “research of painful or imbalanced points”. It ends with a third phase, which constitutes the proper therapeutic intervention, namely “the manipulation of reflexes”. The whole treatment takes about 45 minutes and the amount of sessions changes according to the situation. The amount will change according to the patient and his/her response to the treatment.

Professional: Costanza Fino
Session: about 60 minutes
Price: 60 euros


This is a natural therapy, it is sweet but extremely powerful and it can help placating inconveniences and pain. It effects thanks to the holistic principle of the communion among mind, body and spirit. The craniosacral system determines a continuous rhythmic activity that originates in the brain with the production of liquor, a fluid flowing in the spinal marrow that affects the whole organism.

Traumas, inconveniences and physical or psychical stress can cause the imbalance of the craniosacral system, pain of the nervous system and, consequently, the outbreak of pain and illness. The intervention on specific zones of the body one may correct the craniosacral system, releasing somatic-emotional tensions. These ones, manifest themselves with upsets and diseases that can affect the nervous system, the musculoskeletal system, the circulatory, lymphatic and endocrine system and also the respiratory apparatus. The whole organism can harmonize and its psychophysical benefits are quite clear. During this therapy, the client comfortably lays down on a crib with his/her underwear and a towel. It takes about an hour and it is extremely relaxing and pleasing.

Professional: Costanza Fino
Session: about 60 minutes
Price: 60 euros


The goal of the reiki treatment is to find a balance between body, mind and spirit, providing new energy when it lacks or is blocked. When prolonged, reiki treatment can energically clean body, mind spirit, eliminating several blocks that inhibit healing. The specialist carries out the procedure by laying his/her hands on specific zones of the patient’s body.

You can have a first level treatment, which operates mostly on the body but also a second level treatment, which is aimed to the removal of mental blocks or the acceleration of the cellular renewal.

Professional: Tiziana Artefice
Session: about 60 minutes
Price: 50 euros


The hatha-yoga is formed by a complex of physical-gymnastic exercises (also known as âsana) and by exercises for breathing control (more specifically prâna, “vital breath”- also known as prânâyâma). The technique of hatha-yoga looks for psychophysical balance, a deeper knowledge of our vital and physiological processes, basically of our whole body.

Specialist: Floriana D’Intino
Session: about 60 minutes (individual lessons), 90 minutes (collective lessons)
Price: 80 euros (individual lesson), 20 euros (collective lesson, at least for 4 people)

Babysitting Service

During your permanence in our holiday home you can benefit from a high-qualified and reliable baby sitter, who takes care of children at home.

Thanks to this, parents can spend few hours without their children and go to theatre or visit museums. Meanwhile they are totally sure their children are taken care by a careful and attentive person.

Objects for playing will be provided by us: a wonderful “surprise bag” (books, puzzles, colours, plasticine and other toys) so that children will feel at home and delighted.

This service is flexible and adaptable to the needs of our guests.

Age: from 3 to 10 years
Price: 10 Euros per hour

Personal Chef

The holiday home offers you a chef, who will cook for you delicious dishes of the traditional Roman cooking. You will enjoy all of them at home, making your visit unforgettable. He will take care of everything: shopping, cooking and delivery, so that you don’t need to worry about anything. This service is ideal for those who have very young children and maybe can’t go eat so often at night. Thanks to the personal chef this problem will be solved: children can sleep while their parents enjoy dinner in the dining room.

Our offerts:

All rates are intended for 1 person. At least 2 people. Completed menu: 25 Euros.


Price: 8 euros (you can choose the type of pasta you prefer among spaghetti, bucatini, tonnarelli, penne, rigatoni and so on):

  • amatriciana
  • carbonara
  • cacio e pepe
  • with clams

Price: 12 euros.

  • Saltimbocca alla romana
  • Trippa
  • Pepper chicken

Price: 15 euros.

  • Baked salted codfish
  • Gratin anchovies
  • Stewed cuttlefish and/or squids

Price: 5 euros.

  • Artichokes alla romana
  • Peas with cheek lard
  • Sautèed chicory
  • Puntarelle with anchovies

Price: 5 euros.

  • Ciambelline al vino
  • Apple fritters
  • Sour cherry tart

We are at your disposal for other recipes or for requests (food intolerance, menu for children and vegetarian/vegan courses).